Well, we all know the pain, frustration and anger associated with being different than almost all those around us. We know what it means to hide your true identity day after day; whether you belong to a different creed; sexuality or simply have slightly extreme opinions in live. People, in general, like to conform, and woe to all those who dare and deviate from the established norm, which is really ironic. Because some of the things that are considered deviant now were considered the norm in another age or simply in another place! So, what makes a certain set of ideas more correct or proper than another!

I think, by now, you got a glimpse of what this blog will be about. Mainly it is a place where I can vent my frustration and more ‘philosophical’ ideas related to homosexuality and atheism, along with random reflections on the Egyptian society in relation to these topics.

Finally, a brief intro. I am a 30 years old Egyptian (closeted) lesbian. I do not believe in any organized religion, though I find my spiritual inspiration in philosophy, history, and literature. I call myself a Luciferian (which does NOT mean or imply devil worship, but it simply mean following a personal path to growth and a private moral code. It is courage in faith of adversity).

Thanks for reading!


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